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I have been tracking the state polls in our Forum since August.  On Election Eve, we give our final Electoral College Projections.  Let's wait and see tomorrow how close we are.  I base our projections on polling averages, trends in polling, and early voting numbers.  Based on our data, we projection that President Barack Obama will be reelected with 303 electoral votes and challenger Mitt Romney will capture 235.  Here is our Forum Thread depicting which states go to Obama and which states will go to Romney.  For the past two three week, unlike several other projections, we really only had FOUR toss up states.  Eventually other projections out there narrowed there toss ups to those four states as well.  They were:  Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia.  Among some other "notable' swing states, we will tell you here how we awarded them and why.  We will do in alphabetical order:  Arizona:  To Romney.  Obama was ever up in one poll, at +2, but we looked at the poll as an outlier, considering no other poll ever had an Obama lead.  Iowa:  To Obama.  The last 7 battleground polls on Iowa all had Obama leading.  When averaging out those seven polls, Obama is up in Iowa +3.4%.  Furthermore, Obama has a pretty solid lead in early voting totals. Michigan:  To Obama.  A late bloomer in the battlegrounds, it was more of a media pipe dream.  Michigan was never in play.  Out of the last 7 polls, Obama led in all seven.  One of those polls showed a Tie.  All others showed an Obama lead ranging from +5 to +8.  Averaged together, Obama leads by +5.4%.  Nevada:  To Obama.  Was a swing state for sometime.  However, the state trended to Obama.  He led in all five of the latest polls with a lead ranging from 4 to 6 points.  Averaged together, Obama leads by 5.0%.  Furthermore, Obama has a substantial lead in early voting and 2/3 of all Nevada folks have already voted.   HIT CONTINUE TO READ MORE New Hampshire:  To Obama.  Another stubborn battleground, Obama began tending there late.  In the 8 most recent polls, Obama led in 6, the other two were Tied.  Romney did not lead in any of the 8 recent polls.  Averaged together, Obama leads by 3.4%.  Pennsylvania:  To Obama.  It was a late entry in battleground territory.  However, the polls have been all over the place.  In the six latest polls, Obama leads in five, the other is a tie.  Romney did not lead in any.  Averaging them together, Obama leads by 4%.  PA is always listed as a swing state, but has not voted for a GOP candidate since 1984.   Philadelphians are excited and will come out to vote.  PA will stay DEM.  Ohio:  To Obama.  This is the fake battleground.  It was a true battleground for sometime, but there is no doubting the trend of the buckeye state.  Since November 1, this state was polled a total of 22 times by both GOP and DEM leaning polling firms.  Obama led in all 22 polls.  Averaging all 22 polls together, Obama has a 4% lead.    This state has not been a true battleground for two weeks.  Several of the 22 polls had Obama leading by 5 to 8 points.  Wisconsin:  To Obama.  Not sure this was really ever a swing state.  The selection of Paul Ryan was not very helpful in securing Wisconsin.  In the 8 most recent polls, Obama led in all 8.  He has an average lead of 4.3% with a high of 9%.   That leads us to the four true battlegrounds.   Colorado:  To Obama.  We decided tonight to go with Obama.  It could go either way.  It was polled 11 times since 11/1 and Obama led in 6, Romney in 3, and 2 were tied.  The latest poll today puts Obama +6.  Along with Nevada, it is appearing to be trending Obama late.  We call it for Obama.  Florida:  To Romney.  This state is about dead even as it gets.  It has been polled 16 times since 11/1 and Romney has led in 6 polls, Obama has led in 8 polls, and 2 are tied.  Romney has a lead in 3 of the 5 Florida polls today.  Romney's lead here is under 1%.  Could go either way.  We will project to Romney.  North Carolina:  To Romney.  Another true battleground, Romney lead here is under 2%.  In the six most recent polls, Romney has slight leads in 3 and 3 are tied.  Early voting is an advantage for Obama.  However, we still project to Romney.  Virginia:  A new battleground state, Obama won this state in 2008 behind strong voting from Northern Virginia and Richmond area. There have been 15 polls since 11/1.  Obama leads in 13, Romney leads in 2.  However, the state polls are trending Obama, including a poll that showed him up +8%.  Overall, averaging 15 polls together, Obama leads 2.4%.   We call it for Obama.  In the US Senate, we project the Democrats to pick up one seat.  The new majority will be 52 DEMS, 46 GOP, and 2 INDYs.  For a break down of those seats, check our Projection Thread. 

Paulina Gretzky flips Obama puppet the bird

This isn’t the first time that Paulina Gretzky was spotted partying with a Barack Obama puppet. However, this time around it is far more entertaining. All you conservative nuts can calm down and relish in the fact that Paulina is on your side after the liberal false alarm back in September. Kudos to the Toronto Sun for pulling this picture from Paulina’s Instagram profile before...

Obama wins re-election, breaks Twitter record too

Barack Obama has won re-election. So I get to say for another four years that the President of the United States of America follows me on Twitter. Here’s another Obama related factoid: Eli Langer ?@EliFromBrooklyn BREAKING: President @BarackObama‘s “4 more years” tweet is now the most retweeted tweet (318K) in Twitter’s history – Paul M. Banks is...

It's Time for the Ole Miss Administration to Start Cracking Skulls

Last night, a small group of Ole Miss students decided to protest the re-election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, presumably because they are college students and have nothing but free time.  Eventually, the crowd got bigger and bigger, as more bored students wanted to see what was going on, and people started yelling at one another in the way only politics makes...

2012 Election: Voting on the important NFL issues

The 2012 Election is upon us, and it’s time to make your vote count America. While most people will be voting for the next President of the United States between Mitt Romney and current President Barack Obama, I would like to open up some new polls for people to vote on. Imagine if your voice, the NFL fans voice mattered to coaches, Owners and General Managers of all 32 teams....

What we think will happen today in the Election! (Special Edition!)

2012 Election November 6, 2012 Every week the tortured fans here at Cleveland Sports Torture make ill advised picks of the Browns, Buckeyes, Cavaliers, or Indians. But today I thought I'd do something different. Like make ill-informed predictions for the election. What's that, you say? I guess you probably have missed the election advertising for the past million few...

Tim Tebow Endorsing Obama?

Once you go black, you never go back T Rumor has it that Tim Tebow is voting for Barack Obama for a second term. Our source out of Jacksonville where Tebow has been spending his bye week says ” Tim has been going back and fourth with his own team trying to figure out wether to go public with this announcement. Personally I don’t care who Tebow votes for, but would def like to...

Chris Berman Interviews President Obama and Mitt Romney For MNF Special

It is election day in the United States, and athletes as well as everyone else are chatting up a storm about politics. President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney spoke with Chris Berman before the Presidential election and now we have video. As if it wasn’t a surprise, President Obama feels like the Chicago Bears will be winning the Super Bowl this year. Article found on: Cosby Sweaters

Scottie Pippen Hooped It up with Obama on Election Day

Sharpest Elbows in Washington T… Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen, Randy Brown, and Jeff Sanders joined President Barack Obama in Chicago for a game of basketball as millions of Americans cast their vote. “He’s not an overly aggressive player, but he takes what the defense gives him,” said Pippen of Obama. “He’s got a smooth game. He probably used to be a little more...

Lavoy Allen Flirts with Actor Stacey Dash On Twitter

With Barack Obama winning on Tuesday night over Mitt Romney for a second term at Presidency, a lot of Republicans were obviously not happy and many voiced their opinions on Twitter. Philadelphia 76ers forward Lavoy Allen and actor Stacey Dash were one of those people. Both decided to back up Romney on Twitter and had their opinions after the announcement was made that Obama...

Jim Ross Comments on Tonight’s Raw, Linda McMahon Asking Voters to Support Obama?

- Jim Ross commented on tonight’s RAW from Birmingham, England. “Tonight’s #RAW feels loaded. Feels big. Lots of anticipation on my end. Broadcasting #WWE never gets old. Still loving what I do. #sauceit” - The campaign for Connecticut Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon has been distributing door hangers that seemingly support President Barack Obama according to TalkingPointsMemo...

Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo Endorse Barack Obama in 2012 Presidential Election

Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo have got the President’s back … way back. The two soccer stars publicly backed Barack Obama in the 2012 U.S. presidential election, according to CNN. The incumbent Obama faces a stiff challenge from Mitt Romney as he seeks to retain the highest office in the land for four more years. Rooney, a citizen of the U.K., was the first to pledge...

With Leather’s Watch This: Not The Election

I don’t mean to imply that we couldn’t watch any sports last night. For instance, I watched the Orlando Magic at the Chicago Bulls last night. But since Barack Obama had to be such a winner and whatever last night, the Bulls had to ruin that game for me, too. I mean, Joakim Noah was knocking down jumpers and Carlos Boozer looked like he had an actual pulse.My point is that everyone...

Gruden Talk: Jon Gruden Discusses Mitt Romney and Barack Obama with Nate Silver


College Football Week 10

            "My opinion about the Ohio Buckeys remains the same."  /airwank Today calls for a celebration, boys (and one occasional girl).  No...not because I'm completely awesome or because Lori died giving birth to a living, breathing sin.  Well, those things SHOULD be celebrated, but not today, **** faces.  Today we celebrate because after today...
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