Originally written on The Juicy Online  |  Last updated 11/15/14

After coming out and admitting during an interview with Oprah Winfrey that he did INDEED take performance-enhancing drugs during his legendary cycling career, it appears that Lance Armstrong may have lied to the world... ONCE AGAIN.

According to investigators, Armstrong claimed during the interview that he stopped doping back in 2005, when in fact he continued up until 2009.

During the widely-seen interview with Oprah, Armstrong noted the timetable was the "only thing" that upset him. "The accusation and alleged proof that they say I doped [in 2009] is not true," he said. "The last time I crossed the line, that line was 2005."

Investigators revealed that in 2009 Armstrong's blood values showed signs of two transfusions.

CNN host Piers Morgan tweeted that the disgraced athlete was a "sniveling, lying, cheating little wretch," and John Fashey, president of the World Doping Agency, said that if Armstrong was "looking for redemption" he "didn't succeed in getting that."

  • Seriously? This is the beest of front page news? Some guy who rides a bike and pierce morgan the liberal propoganda machine who should be sent packing back to his own "none violent" country? Com'mon folks, much mre importnat issue in life besides someone who lies, then lied to another "has been" a.k.aa
  • Lance Armstrong, and Oprah, for that matter, have not, and will not, make any difference in my life.
  • agreed. Now, can we expect Bill Clinton to do a press conference w/o OW for the good Lord's sake and come clean?
  • how many time can one cry wolf. plus who cares @ cycling it's @ as popular as the womens nba!! lol! from hero to zero!
  • You're hysterical- "lol". L Armstrong isn't a giant deal one way or the other. As for cycling and the WNBA, I enjoy them more than the NBA or NFL for the record. Let's check back in, say, 10 years, shall we, see how the sports popularity rankings stand.
  • While I can understand sticking up for sport you like, lets not be stupid. There is no way cycling or the WNBA could pass the NBA or NFL in popularity in 100 years, much less 10.
  • Lance told everyone what "THEY wanted to HEAR"!!People can't handle the TRUTH!People want winners-He did what he had to do to win!He still beat everyone else that was doing the same thing!Big deal He did it and won!What has anyone around here ever done!A 5k or some local TRI!!!He won 7 times!!
  • Yes as a matter of fact I have... run 5K's to marathons... won many of them, placed in top 1% nearly every time, even at the age of 42 running a half-marathon with a torn meniscus. Never once did I resort to these levels of CHEATING and find it reprehensible that one would suggest that it is okay to do whatever it takes to win. By your standards, it would be okay for me to create a business that becomes the top of the Dow Jones index even if all it does is steal your money...
  • Well good for you! Seriously? Like a 5K begins to compare. Of course, it's not okay to cheat. But find some kindness! Geez. You sound so hateful.
  • Dude.... No you did'nt
  • Get a life of your own people and stop trying to live thru athlets and sports players. Save your worrying for your family members who take illicit drugs and over medicate themselves on prescription meds. The fact and the truth of the matter is if you can't ride a bike or run faster or hit a major league fast ball better than anyone else there is no amount of cheating or drugs that is going to help you. Stealing other people's money is a completely different beast.
  • Stupid animal. Bow down.
  • Salute, you said it perfectly. Further more, who gives a ****!!

  • It all common sence it if its to good to true
    pierce morgan is told what to say buy some produce in his ear peace . his britch accent get the fools attention
    Oprah back on track with train reck tv
    Rxs dont cure mental illnesses .side effects from these Rxs that are handed out like candy by Dr's who got a free lunch or dinner from the Rxs co.
    Goverment employed worker should pay the most tax
    elected officals should pay even more and not get paid time off.
    And than we will should start getting somthing done

  • Who cares!!!!!!
  • You had to make it political. Is Morgans country more violent? Are you not liberal? You sure are taking advantage of it. Oh, well, you are the type that will argue to save their oh so valuable guns when the crow about the 2nd Amendment and it defined and clear meaning.
    Well, if that is the case it is unlawful to have anything but a musket.
  • For God's sake - it is a stupid biking thing in France - Who cares???? Just stop and move on. Really Really!11!!
  • yet, ironically, u toook time to reply! hypocrite!
  • You know he did!
  • Why keep giving this scumbag air time. He lied and cheated. Just dis him and let the law suits began.
  • While Lance lied--repeatedly--he is still a cycling legend. He took the same cocktail of drugs they all took. And he soundly whooped their asses. You cannot attribute his level of success to vials and syringes. He worked like a madman to attain the level of fitness he achieved. I dislike his bullying behavior and his lying. I respect his athletic ability. As for Piers Morgan, really...he's a fool who was all but expelled from the UK.
  • yeah rite, and barry bonds wld have hit 70 h r's w/o being juiced up!! ru stupid, naive, or both???
  • Lance Armstrong is just another example of what is becoming an unfortunately growing trend; professional and amateur athletes who will cheat at any cost to succeed due to a lack of true skills and abilities.
  • Exactly, Armstron is his own worst demon and I still await his own demise.
  • and what are you? are you the only one who can have an opinion?
  • keep ur spam to ur serf asshole
  • It's been obvious to me for years and years that Armstrong was a cheat. He fooled a lot of you animals, but his egomania, his anger, and his attitude have been screaming, for years, that he was using P.E.D.'s. He's a piece of crap. And while he's a disgraced piece of turd, he still gets to keep the millions of dollars he stole/cheated.
  • personally cant believe anything piers morgan says either. that stupid brit
  • Who cares??? There are much more important issues out there!
  • Armstrong is a lying, cheating, loser!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lance really doesn't know the truth. After years of hiding the truth, he cannot recall it or bring it forward. This is understandable....one lie leads to another and to another and so on. SO the truth will never be known.
  • Is he doing an OJ impersonation? "If I did it..." He sounds more and more like a sociopath. If Armstrong lied AGAIN, its nothing to admire or respect and certainly the public owes him nothing... for having lied or not lied. He is a rank opportunist, mani- pulator...and its obvious he will do anything to win. Flush him down the commode where he has flushed his credibility by his contempt of fair play and the fine image the public granted him in sports when he RESEMBLED an honest man. I am sick of see him rant about how his spandex doesn't allow him crotch room enough for his swollen ego. No one asked how much he was PAID by Opra for the little gothic tear-jerkoff interview. Maybe he can get a job at a McDonalds working the front counter... Maybe not. They DO have an image to defend.
  • That's the only time I would agree with Morgan.
  • It's not a flattering view of a U.S. citizen when they mouth about "sending someone back" to another country just because you personally don't like them or what they say. How ignorant are we still? Try to rise above your own reaction to someone's personality and understand that if we deported everyone you don't like, we wouldn't have enough folks living here to run this little railroad of ours.
  • Or maybe US citizens wouldn't have such high unemployment and could actually feed and clothe their families! But, by your standards...nooooo, let's just give ALL the jobs away!
  • OR the wild thing he never did it at all.!! I don't buy any of it. I think this whole thing is more than meets the eye thing. I'm not a fan of him or cycling.
  • Who cares anymore, we have all known he was doping. Oprah only had him on in hopes she could fatten her wallet.
  • So....when exactly do we move on to more stories? Do we need every last detail from here on out? Its obvious what happened, credibility gone, etc etc...Next?
  • WHO CARES?????????
  • My 3 favorite cyclists of all time:
    1. Lance Armstrong
    2. I don't know any others.
    3. On second thought, I may even be in support of doping for some of the lesser-watched sports. I only ever watched cycling to see Lance!
  • That's right! Oprah will find out...just ask James Frey. She crucified him for lying.
  • Who bloody cares anymore. He lied to everyone, why should Oprah feel above it all
  • managed to grovel with hubris , "weasel"
  • Some us do care about this story and I agree with Piers Morgan. Armstrong made millions, billions probably, cheating. The problem is that no one who wants to play the game honestly--any game, since doping is so widespread--stands a chance of winning anymore, and that's pretty sad. Especially since that loser Armstrong doesn't even think he did anything wrong.
  • Who can take sports seriously? It is all corruption and drugs and cheating and strikes. I hate professional sports. Cheating, doping scumbags get away with all kinds of crimes because they are "star athletes". Even high school and college athletes get away with murder. Why should we care about any athletes? They get paid a fortune to play and they cheat and lie and commit crimes. These are role models? No honest person can succeed in sports when it is filled with cheaters.
  • Is anyone really surprised that he lied again? This man is a piece of "trash" that has made millions off of lying and deception. And now he is trying to make more money by providing more lies and deception by "telling his story."
  • And I think Lance said that in the interview too.
  • Waiting to see Lance's Tv debut ,As he become's the next talk show host.As has become with many of our day cellebs gone bad..Seems like we live in the second chance world these day's...
  • Piers Morgan tweeted that the disgraced athlete was a "sniveling, lying, cheating little wretch,"

    Wow! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    Get off Lances back!

    I am sure there are true news items to discuss.
  • Ummm we have much more serious problems in this country than spending time on this person.He used and played Oprah like a fiddle.He claimed honesty in this interview...he lied again there....
  • Lance has out performed any athlete, however it happened. Oh ya he lied and may be still. However, he has confessed to hurting others...personal friends, charity, his legacy, which is the one thing that bothers him, and his reason to be interviewed to begin his reconciliation. That to me, shows he is more human than machine. His ego goes beyond most of our testosterone levels, but at least he can reach his morality.
  • Who cares? Perhaps the companies who sponsored him and the companies that use him for marketing their products. Ok, so he lied, and how many others did the same thing. He did a lot of good while he was cycling and quite frankly so what? So, now he needs to take the lemons and make lemonade. He purged, he feels better and he can go to his grave feeling like he did the right thing. NEXT.................. find another newsworthy story..
  • Well, like O.J. when we hear Lance's name, we will always remember him for his 7 Tour wins and O.J.'s Hiesman win in 1972.Pure talent!!!!!!
  • Armstrong is a Cheat,
    Pierce Morgan is just stupid!
    So, how about some real news, you think I care what a Britt says. ( esp Morgan)
  • I don't know all the ins and outs of doping, but I would like to know how Mr. Armstrong could pass the French doping tests and win 7 times. Did he not develop cancer, have surgery and return to win again? Was the cancer due to the doping? I think Mr. Armstrong should avail himself for study in how his process enhanced his abilities and any detrimental effects to his body and mind also. He lied and got away with it for years and was only found out because people snitched - not because he failed any of the existing tests. If an accountable number of athelets are doing this we need:
    1. better tests to determin who is doing it before they win all prizes and acclaim.
    2. discover the detrimental effects of the process and chemicals on the users both physically and emotionally.
    3. better training techniques to help athelets reach THEIR potential without harming their bodies, minds, or futures using doping as a training tool.
    There is more to this story than lying - because everyone that dopes lies about it. . . .and if everyone is doing it - is it bad or just standard conditioning process for athletes?
  • Yes, Lance Armstrong is an inveterate liar. Water is also wet. Two immutable facts of life, but at least water is useful and it won't lie to you.
  • So, the liar tells more lies,gets paid to tell them on TV and the rich lady gets richer broadcasting the lies for him.
    He has proven one thing he wouldnt know nor could he tell anyone what the truth was if it as in front of his face.People like him make me sick. Getting famous at the cost of making everyone else the liars and bad guys. He had no problem with accusing others of false wrong doings. Poor Poor pitiful Lance you will get your just deserts.
  • I'd like to know if Armstrong really had cancer ... wouldn't be the first time someone played that card to get a sympathetic response and noteriety to kick-off a career of other falsehoods.

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