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The fact that Timothy Bradley feels that he won his controversial bout against Manny Pacquiao shouldn’t be a surprise. No one expects Bradley to go around telling people that he won a fight that he shouldn’t have. So when Bradley joined ESPN Radio Chicago with Waddle and Silvy on Thursday to talk about the aftermath of the fight, it’s clear that Bradley really believes that his victory was deserved.

Bradley talked about how his corner felt he won the fight, as well as how when he heard the third judge's scorecard, he knew he had won. But everything hasn’t been peachy keen for Bradley after his victory -- he’s received death threats as a result of the win.

How he thinks he fared in the fight against Pacquiao:

“I fought my fight. I fought the best I could that night given my injuries but I’m not the one to blame. I’m not the one to blame for the results. The judges saw the fight the way they saw the fight and that is that. They had some really professional judges out there and some really good judges out there and Duane Ford is one of the best judges out there and he picked me. What do you want me to do? I thought the fight was close after the fight. I wasn’t sure if I won it or not. I was like ‘I’m in Vegas and never know how the judges are going to judge it. I know the fight’s really close.’ My corner was telling me ‘you won the fight, you won the fight’ and that was the reason they raised me up after the fight. I felt that I won the fight. I started hearing the actual scoring. The first one said ‘Pacquiao,’ second one was for me, I heard the same 15-13 and I was like ‘oh yeah I’ve got this without a doubt’ and you saw me raise my hands up before the last score and then boom I knew. There were some people sitting ringside that thought I won the fight and a lot of people didn’t feel like I won the fight and it is what it is. I think they were pretty much focused on Pacquiao and didn’t really focus on what I was doing in there. The judges were clued in and focused on the fight and they scored the fight according to what they saw.”

On the death threats that he has been receiving:

“Definitely on Facebook and Twitter, reading people’s comments, e-mails and people are sending me like death threats, telling me to die, telling me to give the belt back, ‘if you’re a man’ and all this hate mail. Just people being really rude like I’m the one to blame. ‘If you’re a real champion and want any respect from me then you’d give the belt back.’ I’m like ‘dude I earned the belt and I’m not giving the belt back.’ Anybody out there that thinks I should give the belt back, the belt is not going back. I deserve the belt. I won the fight regardless of what anyone thinks. The judges thought I won the fight and that is that. I’m not the one to blame here. Don’t be pointing the finger at me, don’t be sending me crazy e-mails and things like that because I really don’t care.”

Like we said earlier, it’s not surprising that Bradley is now saying he felt he won the fight, but we all know this isn’t going away anytime time soon. Bradley may have to prove it again in the ring before people even think about considering that he really beat Pacquiao last Saturday.


Also from No Guts, No Glory

  • I see Harry Reis disagrees with the decision. That in itself will make boxing less of a sport from now on. The government getting involved will lessen it even more but it was them that caused Pacqiao to lose anyhow because of his comments about America and its support of gay-same sex marriages which is an oxymoron in Reid making a comment in favor of Paquiao. Gay people are really confused animals. Kind of like judges in Las Vegas. Legitimate isn`t a word in their dictionary anymore than in a government members one.
  • We're attempting to change the legacy and perception of black athletes from being ridiculed everyday in the general media. On Monday, June 18th for one week (you can vote today) we will galvanize all cultures from around the world to Vote for to save Black Sport History along with the spirit black athletes have exhibited on and off the field to keep sacred the accomplishments that has had an effect on our communities and in the hearts and mines of our children and the future generations to come.
  • Yes sir, you've got to love the "hearts and MINES of our children". Now, that is funny!!!
  • yeah... this is such a great idea... its about time blacks get some positive feedback for their athletic prowess... now... if only the music industry would give blacks a fair chance now...
  • Help us eliminate racism in sports globally.


  • Blacks are not the reason why racism is still alive..check the facts before making a statement like that..blacks don't get their just reward and so when they create a network you say stop..if it wasn't for a black man no one would be able to use a cell you can see again blacks don't receive enough recognition for what they if creating a network for blacks is what they want then let them
  • Wow, how do we go from an article on a successful black athlete to racist white networks. It appears to me that RolandtheWise is the racist here trying to drum up hate against the networks. Got to have an alterior motive. As long as "blindeye" turns a blind eye to the fact that both blacks and whites are racist he/she will continue to post comments like "blacks don't recieve enough recognition for what they do". When in fact that is what this particular article tryed to do. Nice try "blindeye"!
  • Completely agree. If there is a black network then there should be a white network. But in reality there should only be one network.
  • What is the problem with black people having their own network..the problem I see is that people hate to see the advancement of black people..if you look at the ownership of networks who owns them...white people can say only one network but in all honesty there network will be lopsided as it already is
  • You may be right. Maybe alot of the networks are predominantly owned by white people, of course I have no idea where you are getting your facts. The difference is, is that white people don't feel the need to advertise the race it is owned by. Of course there are still racist people out there, black and white. We will never totally uliminate that which is unfortunate. But, the problem I have with organizations like the is they feel the need to specify color and seperate races. That type of thing to me does fuel racism.
  • you are both cant only have one netwrok because the media isnt fair and partial....but on the other hand by creating a black athlete network that is also segregation but it also provides hope....if it was a fair world i would say yes we only need one network but its not and with only one you get one side of the story...they make money off fear the only solution is to be selfaware and share the truth with others getting rid of the middle man...the media!!!! nice topic
  • or WET (White Entertainment Television) instead of (BET). To stop racism you need to stop segregating everyone by color.
  • There is so much racism that this issue will always be a hot topic
  • Don't try logic Jeff. If Blacks want segregation then let them try. The market will dictate if it will work.
    Next, they can start opening black only schools. They can have public buses segragated so that they don't have to sit near any other races. Of course "blacks only" restaurants will really go a long way to ending racism. It all makes perfect sense. 12.6% of the American population wants racial isolation? (Actually, less than 1% of that 12.6%)
    Good luck with that.
  • A black athlete sports network is racist in itself.
  • if you take a look at the ownerships of the netowrks then maybe you would understand why blacks may want to create network in which they own
  • it you take away the word black there still be a problem with the mere fact that a black person even owns a network..the sponorship for anything that a black owns is low and face's fact and no one wants to acknowledge this day in age there will never be equality amongst races..I don't care how hard people try to say that racism is dead it's not..everyday there is something that happens that race is the driving force behind it..
  • I seem to see alot of black athletes on tv now. Am I missing something here? Would this black athlete network only show black athletes, or would it show all athletes, but be black owned? I don't give a damn what color the owner of an network is as long as it covers sports. Any program that omits/shows athletes because of color would be terrible for everyone and I would boycott such a network!
  • Racism is simply the result of ignorance. There are bigots on all sides. There is only ONE BLOOD (several types; O+, A-, etc)flowing through every human's veins. Therefore, we are all kin to each other if we were to go back far enough. I suppose I am classified caucasian since I am an American born with Irish-Scottish descent (or would it be more politically correct to say Irish-Scottish-American). In my opinion, one is either American or they are not! So why do we continue to PUSH the AGENDA of idiots - RACISM.
  • There are true boxing fans out there that understands that judges are human and they make mistakes. I know the different between a close fight and the absolute "Rip-Off" of fans hard earned money for good honest entertainment by boxing promoters. The boxing game is much bigger that one judge and two boxers.
  • your children have gold or silver mines ???????
  • "and in the hearts and mines of our children"

    Maybe more time in English class and less time playing sports would help.
  • Bradley didn't win the fight, but the judges thought Pacquiao lost the fight. Or maybe didn't put enough effort into winning the fight. Next time around, Pacquiao will ensure there is no doubt he is the better, stronger fighter. Bradley had nothing on his punches.
  • people that make death threats and terrible comments to an athelete that is only doing his job are very simple minded and ignorant people,its people like these that make the world an unpleasent place so plz idiots keep it to yourselves plz for the sake of true fans.
  • My friends actually talked me into watching this fight and I called it watch the looser actually will win and shoenough, This is the reason I no longer follow boxing is because of decisions like what I saw in the Pacquio Bradley fight when every one has him winning all rounds to include me what a joke and for him to think that he actually won LOL. I give MMA (UFC) Strikeforce, most of my time these days it is not rigged, fake or corrupted. I actually catagorize boxing as entertaining sports and hold WWW higher than Boxing when it comes to entertainment you see if you think that Professional Boxing and WWW are real then you are totally mislead.
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  • What shortcomings are you referring to?'s statements like that that keep racism alive..the issue is when blacks want to do something there is always a negative remark about it..
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  • I call it poetic Justice for the Marquez fight which i feel was a robbery. The last two fights that Pacqiao has been involved in have been questable decisions one for one against. Go Figure! I feel this much that Bob Abram it doing everything possible to hinder a Mayweather showdown. I guess he doesn't want his cash cow to lose his luster but after last two fights things haven't looked like Pacqiao is a contender against Mayweather! IN MY OPIONION!!!!
  • All of you pac fans that feel there was an injustice, instead of being stupid, direct your anger to the referees, the boxer has "zero" control of the scoring or outcome of a fight even you know that.
  • Help us eliminate racism whining (because there are other minorities in sports other than the black athhlete) like more asians and whites in the NBA. Ooops ! Am I allowed to say that ?. . . Well never mind this post, I refuse to play the race card. I'll earn my way there.

Boxing Promoters Association looking to take action in wake of Pacquiao-Bradley

The Boxing Promoters Association (BPA) reacted swiftly in an unprecedented act of establishing a "figurehead" for the sport of boxing in the wake of the controversial decision rendered last Saturday night as challenger Timothy Bradley was awarded a highly controversial decision over welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. On Tuesday...

Timothy Bradley unimpressed with Manny Pacquiao’s punching power, speed

Timothy Bradley was lucky he was awarded a split-decision victory over Manny Pacquiao last weekend, but now he’s just gloating. “I took his best punch. [Pacquiao's] a good puncher, but Kendall Holt is a better puncher,” Bradley said on The Boxing Lab. “Holt has one-punch knockout power. Pacquiao doesn’t. “I’ve been in the ring with guys who are faster,” he said...

Pacquiao vs. Bradley: A case of righting past wrongs?

Manny Pacquiao's loss on points to Timothy Bradley this weekend has become a global sports catastrophe, so much so that it became a rare boxing event that somehow managed to elbow its way on to the center stage of sports coverage (albeit briefly) in the middle of the 2012 Euro Cup. To borrow an idea from Scott Levinson, I think if you conducted a survey of boxing experts...

Quick Jabs, Mostly Manny Pacquio Vs. Timothy Bradley (With Jailed Floyd Mayweather On An ...

When boxing reality won't do, fantasy has to: Manny Pacquiao's action figure vs. Floyd Mayweather's action figure, with Manny on a flaming motorcyle and Floyd as some kind of death monk. That video came out prior to some recent events. Which action figure do you think would win in his current state -- Manny, perhaps demoralized by his bunk loss to Timothy Bradley...

Timothy Bradley says he received death threats after win over Manny Pacquiao

Those of you who follow boxing know that last weekend the sport saw one of the most controversial decisions of all time. Timothy Bradley defeated Manny Pacquiao to become the welterweight champion, and people who know boxing say it was obvious that Pacquiao won the fight. For a tremendously thorough analysis on how and why the fight could have been fixed, be sure to read LB’s thoughts...

Pacquiao comes to aid of flood victims

Manny Pacquiao was feted on his return to the Philippines on Saturday despite losing one his eight championship belts in a contentious loss to Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao, who has returned to help flood victims in his home province which he represents in congress, was showered with confetti Saturday although his homecoming this time was much less festive because of his split decision...

Pacquiao returns to help flood victims

Manny Pacquiao was feted on his return to the Philippines on Saturday despite losing one his eight championship belts in a contentious loss to Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao, who has returned to help flood victims in his home province which he represents in congress, was showered with confetti although his homecoming this time was much less festive because of his split decision defeat...

Timothy Bradley asked about Testosterone Replacement Therapy, believes it is cheating

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a big problem in MMA and it is slowly making an entrance into the world of Boxing. At this point in time a majority of boxers have no clue what TRT is and it makes sense. Old school trainers and their no non-sense approach to training see many fighters train the [...]

WBO to review Pacquiao-Bradley title bout

One of boxing's major sanctioning bodies will review Timothy Bradley's controversial split decision victory over Manny Pacquiao, the first step toward what promoter Bob Arum hopes will be ''clarity'' in the judging of the fight. WBO President Francisco ''Paco'' Valcarcel said in a statement Wednesday that the WBO's championship committee...

Timothy Bradley is Probably Regretting Beating Manny Pacquiao Right Now

Is this not the worst victory ever.. This dude just beat the best boxer of his era and now look at him… First, the decision is being reviewed by the WBO. As if he had any say in the decision it’s not his fault. I’m not really sure why the judges would fix this fight [...]

Possibility of Federal intervention enables review of Pacquiao-Bradley fight

Sure, Manny Pacquiao has accepted the fate handed to him on Saturday night (Sunday morning / afternoon in the Motherland), but the most of the world well, hasn’t. Apparently, it has reached the attention of a buddy of his, United States Senator Harry Reid (D -  Nevada). He, along with John McCain, are co-authors of [...]

Reid using PacMan loss to push reform

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is using boxer Manny Pacquiao's controversial defeat over the weekend to push for long-stalled legislation to more strictly regulate the sport. The Nevada Democrat, who knows Pacquiao and has enjoyed the famous boxer's political support in the past, was asked about the Filipino superstar's shocking loss Saturday to Timothy Bradley and...

My thoughts on Boxing

Now I haven't actually seen the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley that took place on Saturday night in Las Vegas, but I heard that the decision made by the three ringside judges was anything but fair. In fact, it was one of the worst decisions in the history of boxing. Bradley was given a split-decision victory, but from all reports it was clearly a dominant performance...

Pacquiao gets robbed by Judges in Vegas, but the people know who the real winner is. ...

It has taken me awhile to try to comprehend what happened in Las Vegas, but the unthinkable happened. And it had nothing to do with being out of shape, distractions, weight, endurance, height, and most importantly, not boxing. It had to do with boxing judges who either do not know what they were doing, or other sinister means were involved. Unfortunately I cannot say that it is one...

Careless Whispers tonight at 9 ET!

Last week, Matt Rury had an emergency appendectomy and had to miss Careless Whispers only upon the strenuous objections of his doctors.  But ladies, Rury is back!  This week the fellas will be doing a postmortem on the Celtics, discussing the Manny Pacquiao disaster in Vegas, and making their predictions for the Finals.  Oh, and [...]
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