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Poor Suzy Favor Hamilton. The hits just keep coming to the former Vegas prostitute and U.S. Olympian who had a side career serving as a spokesperson for a variety of companies and special interest groups. Now comes word from the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association, via its newsletter “Tater Talk,” that she is losing her job. The growers write (from Dec. 21 newsletter): We have been in contact with Suzy Favor Hamilton today and she has indicated to us that the story we are hearing in the news is true. Earlier today, the WPVGA Board of Directors has approved the revocation of our contract with Favor Hamilton, under the termination clause related to moral turpitude, situations that would reflect unfavorably on the WPVGA. She has agreed to the revocation of the contract. We are deeply sorry to learn of this turn of events and sincerely wish her well in finding stability in her future. We ask that you are respectful of her struggles in life. This is a major blow to Favor Hamilton, born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin and educated at the University of Wisconsin. It’s unclear what the potato and vegetable growers paid Favor Hamilton, but at this point it’s more about perception for the vegetable community. The growers once boasted on their website (cached page): Who better to inspire Wisconsinites to eat fresh vegetables than Suzy Favor Hamilton? … Duane Maatz, Executive Director for the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA) notes, “Suzy is a perfect fit to deliver the message that potatoes are nutritious and fit into an active, healthy lifestyle. She’s accomplished a lot in her lifetime and overcome hurdles as well. She understands the importance of eating right and she knows how to motivate people. And she’s just as busy as the rest of us — she understands how difficult it can be to find the time to prepare a healthy meal. The association is busy scrubbing its site of any mention of Suzy. Of course you don’t want your potatoes and vegetables associated with a hooker. That’ll totally kill sales. [Suzy Favor Hamilton cooking potatoes - Vimeo] Filed under: Other Sports

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  • The potato growers association has a bumper sticker that says "Potatos make better lovers". Guess they don't practice what they post.
  • One too many favors.
  • That's funny bayteek!
  • They cannot take her medals away, she earned them fair and square.
  • She NEVER won any Olympic medals.
  • She doesn't have any to take away, at least at the Olympic level.
  • All of you Puritanical God fearing people, living your boring little lives, who really need to judge someone to make themselves feel better are pathetic. What about the good this woman has done, do you just throw that out the window now? Everyone of you prostitute yourselves one way or another whether its trying to keep your jobs or whatever. You know what I just realized what state we are talking about and I wouldn't expect anything any differently. Since you've tried to eliminate your Labor Unions you probably have to prostitute yourselves, nuff said!!!
  • most people prostitute themselves with humility and obedience to keep employment not sexual favors. in a world were we try to teach kids right from wrong, flaunting how good being a prostitute is crosses a line of morality alot of people are trying to uphold.
  • Are you kidding me? Virtually everyone prostitutes themsevles daily, and they aren't humble about it. As for prostitution, give me a break. Everyone on this planet, who can get sex, is getting it as much as they possibly can. The only difference between people who have sex with multiple partners and a prostitute, is that the the prostitute is a professional. You pathetic religious fanatics who preach morality can kiss my arse, because you are ALL nothing more than a bunch of hipocrites having sex all the time, behind the scenes, while you pretend to be something different.

    What really pisses me off about Suzy, is that she allowed herself to be identified and persecuted publically for her professional choice. When dealing with the public, you never admit to something you know that society cannot understand. She should have denied it and played it off. But instead, she admitted it and how she gets to be judged by all the religious do-gooders of society who think they have the right to punish her. It makes me sick. The pathetic moron who revealed what Suzy was doing should be taken out and horse whipped. People, please do NOT share your secrets with anyone. You cannot trust anyone to respect your privacy and you have to figure that the vast majority of people will jump at the chance to tell others what they know about you.
  • And what is right from wrong? Who said so? Be careful how you answer because you will probably condemn yourself. There is nothing wrong with sex. And if a woman wants to have sex professionally and get paid for it, who has the right or the power to stop her? Again, be careful how you answer. Grossly incorrect religious bigotry towards sex has warped most people's minds and opinions. If you think that getting paid for sex is what makes it wrong, then I have a news flash for you. Every woman on this planet is getting paid for sex, one way or the other. Think about it. Sex is not immoral, evil, or wrong. But preaching against it is.
  • Would you like your significant other or child being a prostitute. Doubt you would be so nonchalant about that.

    Woman outnumber men in the workforce, so maybe you have that backwards. Thanks for playing though.
  • So being a prostitute, cheating on her husband, is ok in this mordern day world of "do anything you want with no boundaries" as long as you a woman. If this was a male athlete, you would be calling him every vile name on Earth, hoping his wife take everything he has.
  • I hope you know that her husband did know about it.. and more importantly she also knew what she was getting into and was getting out of it. She has taken responsiblity for her life choices win or lose. This story is so Lame and wore out! Just another "Real Life Story" to swoon the masses! I bet half of the poeple posting insults or good riddance didn't even really know or remember her at all til it was headlines again... Save the morality speech for when we as a country cherish peace over war and apperances... When the golden rule is the olny rule people need to live by. This woman was an Icon to me in High school guess what I'm 30 and I still think she is an amazing person. No one is pulling Marilyn Monroe endorsments! Get over it. Those Corperate sponsers are faker than yellow #5 trying to save face while they bury their shame behind doors and their wallets. Morality! HA! You act like Suzy is suppose to be some perfect Deity! That's the real problem Socities that Idolize other humans only to completly abandon them to save face and Populatrity! Sounds Like High School to Me... Soft clouds in current air affairs change your tune like sand on the beach!
  • even worse
  • not good
  • no value
  • Unreal..and a very stupid move by the Vendor...Would have created a lot more publicity for that company to keep her contract valid.
    America used to love the underdog...now it kicks it to the curb...Pathetic!...
  • I just don’t understand why it’s ok to tell the world you’re gay, but it’s not ok to tell the world you’re an escort… double standards I guess… I see nothing wrong with her working more than one job to make a living
  • As if the people reporting this news are not whores. Give it up people, sex sells and so does sports. She looks like she is worth every penny, and I would buy any brand she would endorse.
  • very bad.
  • What's the matter? Are they afraid that her juices are going to rub off on the french fries?
  • Maybe she could be a spokesperson for the Cucumber Growers Assn.
  • LOL
  • At least she was honest.
  • Honestly is usually the best policy, but in a situation like this when you are surrounded by the enemy (people who will go out of their way to destroy you), it is best to keep your mouth shut or to deny everything. To admit the truth will not help anyone.
  • If she had been honest, they wouldn't have signed her on in the first place. They dumped her because she didn't reveal her sordid side. Honest is not a word that fits.
  • maybe i'll just boycott vegetables and potatoes and maybe more of us will get in on it. Only to certain people what she did is wrong but from a legal standpoint doing it in Vegas is legal. Too bad u can't put the guy who ratted her out in the news. He needs his picture posted, and stories written about him. Wonder what his bosses will think if they know? And since i feel like being vindictive i wish they would run his name, pictures on the internet and on t.v. and then hope he is married so his wife knows he cheated on her and spent some heavy money doing it.
  • You are absolutely right. It isn't revenge really, but it is justice to have this guy exposed for what he is, just as he did for Suzy. I think it is safe to say that it would destroy his life. And he deserves it after what he did to Suzy.
  • My God. The problem with society is people who think just like you. You and your grossly puritan sick metality turns a beautiful thing like sex into a nasty ugly unholy act, which of course is completely untrue. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sex, but there is something terribly wrong with you and the rest of your sick tribe of religious freaks. The ability to have and enjoy sex should be stripped from you and all those like you, forever.
  • Praying for you. It is terrible to be so mis-guided.
  • I wonder how many posts would be in support married, male athlete cheating on his wife as a male escort/stripper. Safe to say there would be zero post in his favor. This comment section would be full of vile post, calling for his head, loss of job, and for the wife to clean him out of everything he has.
  • Not by most of the men, who seem to think cheating and whoring are great pasttimes for a married man.
  • Maybe she needs someone to sit and talk with her. Maybe she needs to get away from all these perfect people, who never do anything wrong. Obviously she has a good hard working side to her, that most or all of the commenters couldn't measure up to. But people who are jealous always sit n wait to find an imperfection and dwell on it. Losers will always take shots at others.
  • Your name says it all. You are just another immoral, sleazy, cheating man who thinks any hurt you can inflict on a wife is just cheesy. Whores (I'm sorry, prostitutes) don't cull 'em. They will take a married man's money as fast as a single man's, regardless that he has a faithful wife and several children who look up to and depend on him at home. Money is all they care about. You are so wrong when you say jealousy has anything to do with the comments. I wouldn't trade places with that type of lowlife for all the money in the world.
  • If she was a lesbian they would be falling over their feet to praise her. And she would probably get an invite to the WH.
  • yep
  • unnecessary roughness there fellas
  • Great! I just bought a 5 Lb. bag of Wisconsin potatoes too. If I would have known that a former escort endorsed potatoes beforehand, that would have changed my entire potato-buying prospectus. I mean, I could have picked the Idaho bag instead. Good timing WPVGA!
  • The belly-peircing; surest sign - ever - of a degenerate in the making. Sort of like earrings on guys, tramp stamps on the backs of girls, pinky rings... What a disgrace!
  • Yea, I will be so glad when (I hope) people grow up and stop trying to out do each other with stupid things they do to their bodies. The lack of respect for themselves is so apparent. I'd never hire any of them. Ditto for the putrid proliferation of tattoos as well! Male or female!
  • The whole culture today is to see how trashy and sleazy they can be. I can't help but think of 50 or 60 years from now. I couldn't imagine my 90 yr old grampa "sleeved out" or my 85 yr old gramma with tatoos all over her body. My ex had a naked woman put on his arm when he was in the navy and wore a size 30 pants. When he was 50+ and wore a size 38, his lovely damsel had also gained a lot of weight and he was stuck with a fat chick on his arm. Americans for the most part, especially the younger generation, are fools.
  • Why is it okay for Kim Kardashian to do PORN in her private life...post it for all the world to see....and Ms. Hamilton is attacked for her private life????
  • It is not, and I wish someone would shut her down and end the silly nonsense.
  • Everywomen, you are a sick self rightous religious zealot...go away Phony
  • I find it humerous how you immoral, ungodly, self-appointed gods get so worked up over a different opinion, and want them to go away. You aren't man enough to face those who believe differently than you? Looks like conviction to me.
  • The article describing what she was doing sounded as if she was having some personal or psycological problems. If so, shouldn't she get be counseled or go into rehab, like Tiger? Bet these compassionate commission members gladly take the subsidies handed out by USDA and paid for by taxpayers.
  • Oh well...now she can go back to Vegas. Probably made more money there than from the potato barons anyhow!
  • Prostitution is the oldest profession. And you probabily shouldn't speak of degrading persons and family while spewing your manhating rhetoric. Hypocrite.
  • Bill Clinton. "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky". Then he turned around and said to you and I, "In fact, I did have an inappropriate relationship". The leader of the free world lied under oath, and the American public still holds him in high regard. This woman lied about nothing. She is who she is. An amazing athlete, if nothing else. $600 to $1000 an hour is what she was paid. She didn't turn tricks for Meth. She probably felt ostracized by the public and this is the only way she felt "loved". Sounds stupid, I know. But at least she didn't turn her issues into a gun crime. Taylor Swift has probably had more "boyfriends" at her young age than Suzy Favor Hamilton did at the same age. John Mayer?? That guy gets around. But I'll betcha some women out there hold Taylor Swift up as some sort of noble idol that their daughters should aspire to.
  • I, for one, do not hold Clinton in high regard, but regard him as the low-life, lying *****-monger that he is. And if this ***** was making $600-1000 an hour, I don't believe needing to feel loved was her motivation. What a crock. Amazing how 21st century Americans can justify having no morals, no family values, no concern for marriage and children, just a "if it feels good, do it" mentality. Our society is certainly reaping the "rewards".
  • She should try to be a spokeswoman for the cucumber growers, she could show all the uses of them, besides eating.
  • No matter how many attaboys one gets in life it just takes one mistake to erase them all. Our society is very unforgiving especially when it comes to anything sexual. To bad. Many a great man has fallen due to sexual indiscretion.
  • ?.?.?.?.?.? whose to judge whom ?.?.?.?
    my problem is called privacy - and I do not see where she put it on the street...........without this dirt thrown in everyone's face - I would have never known
    as I now KNOW - - - - you have decided it is important - - - WHO ARE YOU LOW-LIFE ???
  • I think Suzy is a fantastic woman.
    As the bible says, "He (or she) who is without sin-cast the first stone". Has no one ever made a mistske or an error in judgement?
  • Wisconsin potatoes and vegetable growers letting their former olympian-turned-callgirl spokeperson go? Tsk,tsk! I guess it's a good thing she wasn't from, and therefore "pimpin" Idaho potatoes...could everyone imagine the jokes then?
  • Female psychology 101. This may be hard for some men to understand, but here it goes. If a woman says that she loves you, but does not want to have any children. The chances are very high that, what she means, is that she doesn't want to have any children with you. Likewise, if a woman tells her husband that she wants to be a Vegas Escort, the man should understand that he is no longer #1 in her life and that their relationship has probably devolved to the point of no return. A married woman does not choose to be an Escort when she is happily married and completely in love with her husband. She does so when the marriage has gone too far south and she needs some excitement in her life. If the husband can no longer give her what she needs, she will find it elsewhere. Believe it or not, Suzy's husband failed to give her the love and affection she so desperately needed, which resulted in her searching outside the marriage to fill her needs.
  • why do you jude her so hard but it ok for nba player to get hiv and you cheer him on or a nfl to kill somebody and you still pull for the and how can you prove that or wife waS not like her or your girl she is more though of than your mife you say that she do not win a medal well i think you must have pay some body off so that she would not get it wonder how much it cost you a 2 or3 millon dollars to find a reason to let her go so bad and the wife must tell you to let her go or else she will take your kids and leave you you are scare that she might find some body else a whole lot betterwhere can make her really happy so you should think about not letting her go just think the next time you go to vas the girl you pick just might be your wife sister or ti might be her just you can have sex with her then you can look at her and say that it was not why do in the company made me do it you are a very stinking a;; hole and hope the load judge just like you did and of corse you do not belive in god never i hope he judge you and your family as hard you did her for makeing a nice living and take of her family and you run her into the ground
  • I saw her running around at the olympics. She has very small potatoes.But she likes spuds
  • That she was an escort does not change the fact she is a great athlete. In some countries that's not even illegal. I think the whole flap is asinine.
  • the way this world is, why should anybody say anything. let the first person who is innocent cast the first stone. takers anyone, didn't think so. she could sit on my face all she wants, that's the way i want to die

    This message is not meant to side with anyone taking issue here but, as Joe Friday would say, "what are the facts, mam/guy; only the facts?
    In St. Matthew 21 Jesus is confronted by the chief priests and elders of the people but He puts them on the spot in versus 31 & 32:...."Verily, verily I say unto you, that the publican and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you. (32): For John (The Babtist) came unto you in the way of righteousness and you believed him not; but the publicans and harlots believed him: and you, when you had seen it, repented not afterwards that you might believe him." Then Jesus presents them with a parable regards how harsh their kind had treated God's servants in the past, by beating them; stoning them and killing them. Inhuman, ungodly, unloving acts Jesus and they knew by experience the harlots and publicans had never committed. By comparison Jesus was saying that the harlots and the publicans showed/demonstrated far more love and mercy than the self righteous priests and elders. A little later Jesus would emphasize this position, by stating that in His kingdom those who thought that they were first in God's eyes although lacking love would be seen as last and that those who thought they were first and dispised others outside their group as lower class sinners being last in their opinionated eyes would be seen as 1ast in His kingdom, by those such as the publicans and harlots who had the greater powers of love in their lives. The kingdom of God is the kingdom where love dwells and rules human behavior and all other approaches are seen as mean, ugly and loveless. In which world do we want to live today?

    RUSS SMITH, CALIFORNIA(1 Of Our Broke Fiat Money States)
  • Is there an address where I can send whatever I can afford to help her get along without the amount she has given up because she was apologetic and truthful?
  • Mmmm, prostitution is legal is Canada, England and gee... everywhere else on planet earth, just google it you silly puritains. The few countires where its "illiegal" have the biggest open air red light districts in the world, japan, germany EVERYWHERE. Land of the free or land of the puritans? Try leaving the US and open your eyes. Marrage in the US is a FINACIAL contract. Grow up.
  • Crimes of moral turpitude? Oh, come on.
  • You condem a person for preforming a normal sexual act, but use
    people, in the spotlight, who are preform unnatural acts as spoke persons for large companies.

    The only reason escort services are condemed is because the government doesn't get any tax revenue out of it.

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