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PLAYERS: Barack Obama

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This isn’t the first time that Paulina Gretzky was spotted partying with a Barack Obama puppet. However, this time around it is far more entertaining. All you conservatives can calm down and relish in the fact that Paulina is on your side after the liberal false alarm back in September.

Kudos to the Toronto Sun for pulling this picture from Paulina’s Instagram profile before her publicist made her delete it. They must have some intern refreshing her account at all hours, because if it got by us you know she deleted that thing quickly.

  • I served our country for 20+ years. I never witnessed people show so much hate and disrepect for a sitting president.I served under a president who lied to those of us who served and the public about Weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. There are men/women who loss their lives because of this. The present commander-in-chief did something that did not occur while I was on active duty. He orchestrated and led the discovery and end of Osama Bin Laden who took so many innocent lives. He is concerned about everyone having health care. He worked to make sure that people who want to earn their degrees could still get financial assistance. The sitting president has been engaged and involved in helping Americans who arewilling to work hard for what they desire. Despite his efforts, we see images where people have put him in a noose..Ann Coutre calls him retard...this woman has him as a puppet to play with. For those Americans, who ponder why people of color still feel mistreated...well these are the examples that keep people from trusting and coming together.
  • You go! Well spoken!
  • For starters we're in the greatest economic turmoil since the great depression, and we have a president who hasn't done much but continues to pile on to the mountain of debt that the US government has continued to incur. Yeah he’s created all these cute government funded programs using all of our tax dollars, like Obamacare, and also made it easily accessible for anyone to attend college. What you fail to realize is that all these cute government programs are being funded by money that doesn’t exist. He’s spiraling college students further into debt that will only hurt the US even more in the next couple of years. We now owe China trillions of dollars, unemployment isn’t that much better 4 years ago, inflation is going through the roof. So what has Obama done, he’s taken something like 180 vacation days during his first 4 years. Because apparently to Obama; gay marriage, equal pay with women, raising taxes on the wealthy, and immigration reform are way more important than anything dealing with this declining government. He sadly won by a landslide, not because people know Obamas policies or general politics, but because he’s “cool”. Did that answer your question?
  • Get a freaking clue.

    Barack Obama is the greatest president this country has seen since Bill Clinton. He is leading this nation out of the worst economic recession since the great depression, a recession caused by almost 10 years of failed Republican economic policies, in addition to failed foriegn policy that led to two wars and cost thousands of american lives.

    The only thing Barack Obama has really failed to do is to put the incompetent, criminally minded former leadership in jail, where they belong. George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, along with dozens of their underlings and cronies, all owe this country the rest of their lives behind bars for the crimes against democracy, freedom, and decency that they committed.

    And the truth is, those of you who get all your news from Fox Noise and believe all the lies and distortions they peddle, no longer represent enough votes to swing a presidential election. We will never again go down the failed paths of the past, and let this nation be wrecked by idiotic fiscal policies and ignorant foreign policies.

    We have real leadership now. And we're guaranteed four more years of it, thanks to the new super majority of voters comprised of the people this country was built by and for.

    Karl Rove just wasted $300 billion dollars and the people who put that money up are never going to make that mistake again. It will be a long, long, LONG time before any presidential candidate who embraces extreme right wing idealogy mounts a serious candidacy... if ever. You lost. BIGTIME. Wake up and experience reality. You lost because you are WRONG about the most important financial and social policiy issues of our time, and our future and the majority of the american people KNOW IT, down to their bones.

    If the future frightens you so much, and you're so consumed by your fear you can't self-re-educate and realize what is really happening, and you prefer to wallow in igorance and hate, go right ahead. Go to Texas -- I hear they want to secede from the union. Which would be fantastic, because the loss of Texas' electoral votes, congressional reps, and senate seats, would create an instant and lasting Democrat supermajority in the house, and we'd be able to pass all the bills we need to without insipid gridlock foisted on us by the simpering Republican house leadership.

    And as a bonus, everyone who can't stand the thought of real democracy and freedom can just move to the new republic of Texas.
  • Thanks for keeping it real. Unfortunately, people don't understand the reason he is disliked by those that see the US in decadence, has nothing to do with the color of his skin, but his inability to keep his promises and turn things around. This has nothing to do with race but those that don't agree w/the President are considered racists. Funny, when people didn't agree w/Bush it had nothing to do with the fact that he was white.
  • Listen I was in the Vietnam era where thousands of solders were left behind. You should not complain about three blessed souls that died for a great cause.A real solder knows what to expect when they sign up to protect this great country and to be an ambassador of peace to the world. This sick woman here and anybody that feels like she does needs to go and live in a third world country. Obama did a lot in 4 years and why do stupid people think that he should come in and correct what Bush did in 8 years in 4?
  • Another bored,sad,spoiled rich white girl with no sense of purpose in life or any values or self respect.
  • ...
  • Ok #1 there is sound evidence that both Clinton and Bush had the chance to pull the trigger on Osama, from who? the former director of the CIA. Stated plain and simple that the both had the opportunity,Bush twice, but flinched. Got a problem with that? Talk to him, should have no problem with that since you seem to have a very high opinion of yourself. And as far as Sanity's comments, I live in a highly militerized area, repesented by all branches of our fine militery. And I see far more Marines stickers,banner,flags than any other branch. It is good to be proud of your service, and branch. But don't go trying to put down any one else's service, or say that Marines don't self-promote, because you are just F.O.S.

Obama wins re-election, breaks Twitter record too

Barack Obama has won re-election. So I get to say for another four years that the President of the United States of America follows me on Twitter. Here’s another Obama related factoid: Eli Langer ?@EliFromBrooklyn BREAKING: President @BarackObama‘s “4 more years” tweet is now the most retweeted tweet (318K) in Twitter’s history – Paul M. Banks is...

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Last night, a small group of Ole Miss students decided to protest the re-election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, presumably because they are college students and have nothing but free time.  Eventually, the crowd got bigger and bigger, as more bored students wanted to see what was going on, and people started yelling at one another in the way only politics makes...

2012 Election: Voting on the important NFL issues

The 2012 Election is upon us, and it’s time to make your vote count America. While most people will be voting for the next President of the United States between Mitt Romney and current President Barack Obama, I would like to open up some new polls for people to vote on. Imagine if your voice, the NFL fans voice mattered to coaches, Owners and General Managers of all 32 teams....

Pippen compares Obama to Jordan

Barack Obama and Michael Jordan may have more in common than just Chicago, according to Scottie Pippen. On Tuesday we reported that Obama spent part of his day eschewing the stress of election day by playing some basketball with Pippen in a pick-up game. By the end of the night, of course, stress wasn't part of the equation, as Obama won re-election handily (in the electoral...

What we think will happen today in the Election! (Special Edition!)

2012 Election November 6, 2012 Every week the tortured fans here at Cleveland Sports Torture make ill advised picks of the Browns, Buckeyes, Cavaliers, or Indians. But today I thought I'd do something different. Like make ill-informed predictions for the election. What's that, you say? I guess you probably have missed the election advertising for the past million few...

Chris Berman Interviews President Obama and Mitt Romney For MNF Special

It is election day in the United States, and athletes as well as everyone else are chatting up a storm about politics. President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney spoke with Chris Berman before the Presidential election and now we have video. As if it wasn’t a surprise, President Obama feels like the Chicago Bears will be winning the Super Bowl this year. Article found on: Cosby Sweaters

Jeff Kent Voted Off ‘Survivor,’ References 2002 World Series, President Obama (Video)

Jeff Kent is just a normal guy — like the typical Major League Baseball ticket buyer, really. At least that’s what he’s insisted. Millions of dollars, All-Star profile and fights with Barry Bonds aside, Kent recently participated on the newest edition of Survivor, which was always an interesting choice considering his known ornery personality from his playing days. Apparently...

Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo Endorse Barack Obama in 2012 Presidential Election

Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo have got the President’s back … way back. The two soccer stars publicly backed Barack Obama in the 2012 U.S. presidential election, according to CNN. The incumbent Obama faces a stiff challenge from Mitt Romney as he seeks to retain the highest office in the land for four more years. Rooney, a citizen of the U.K., was the first to pledge...

With Leather’s Watch This: Not The Election

I don’t mean to imply that we couldn’t watch any sports last night. For instance, I watched the Orlando Magic at the Chicago Bulls last night. But since Barack Obama had to be such a winner and whatever last night, the Bulls had to ruin that game for me, too. I mean, Joakim Noah was knocking down jumpers and Carlos Boozer looked like he had an actual pulse.My point is that everyone...

Gruden Talk: Jon Gruden Discusses Mitt Romney and Barack Obama with Nate Silver


College Football Week 10

            "My opinion about the Ohio Buckeys remains the same."  /airwank Today calls for a celebration, boys (and one occasional girl).  No...not because I'm completely awesome or because Lori died giving birth to a living, breathing sin.  Well, those things SHOULD be celebrated, but not today, **** faces.  Today we celebrate because after today...
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