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Lance Armstrong and Nike will continue to ride together. Armstrong said "enough is enough" on Thursday, deciding that he would no longer fight allegations from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that he used performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career. Armstrong was subsequently stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from competitive cycling for life. The news was hardly enough for him to lose Nike's support, however. "Lance has stated his innocence and has been unwavering on this position. Nike plans to continue to support Lance and the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a foundation that Lance created to serve cancer survivors,"...

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  • Lance Armstrong will always be who he is. The only ones making money off these allegations are the lawyers! I can fully understand the fatigue he must feel at having to fight this battle for decades after passing drug tests. Lance Armstrong is and always be a hero for what he has accomplished and for what he continues to do for those who are battling cancer. There are still those of us who will always hold Mr. Armstrong in the highest esteem. To hell with the titles, they are not who he is, all this still sounds like somones sour grapes to me.
    Mr. Armstrong, keep up the good work that you do and do not be swayed by this. You make a difference each and every day! Thank you.
  • My next sneakers will be Nikies. I'm happy for you that you are not spending time trying to change a rigidly fixed mind that will not accept your proofs of innocence.
  • I hope USADA is proud of themselves. Lance had a fighting chance with his cancer, not with USADA. Wow. USADA is worse than cancer. I mean no disrespect to cancer patients, they are some of the strongest people I have ever met.
  • No SWTdude they are just doing their job and keeping people honest...really not a bad concept if you think about it..why do you Lance caved?!?!? His lawyers explained to him that they had the evidence to sink him and if he did not want to expose his financial liablility was to just fade away...he cheated....they have the facts dude
  • If you read all the previous articles you might realize that you are wrong. In previous statements from USADA and Armstrong says that he will not get the detail of the accusations until he accept to appeal them. How is this a fair process? If at least you know what are you fighting you might decide to fight it, but going in blind folded is crazy, unfair and unconstitutional.
  • Lance never did and never will cave on anything. its just the opposite, dude. he is above trying to deal with a bunch of morons like the USADA. Its just another government agency with no concept of what righteous is. Government is all about money, and what their lawyers say goes. Heres to smaller government!.
  • floyd landis, a little bitch who got caught cheating in the 2006 TDF is banned from cycling whines like a bitch to travis tygart another bitch who just wants to believe he can throw his weight around spent YEARS trying to bring down a legend. These two worthless people along with others are the real cancer to Lance Armstrong. If I were Lance I would say, "you want my medals? here!(as I throw them across the table) take these medals and stick them up your ass! I have better things to do with my time then waist it on the likes of these worthless cancer causing agents"
  • First a huge thank you to nike!!! I think it would be a great idea to print up tee shirts (and cycling jerseys) listing all of Lance Armstrongs accomplishments making a portion of proceeds to go to the LIVESTRONG Foundation. I would like to place the first order but I am sure so would most AMERICANS!
  • What a lying cheating @#$$$$$^^..... Burn all of the Livestrong bracelets as well!!!
  • And youve raised 100 million for cancer research? Dont you think he deserves to be heard? Some American you are.
  • man you get this...alot of the folks on this thread are blinding themselves with their emotions....good job
  • Good comment.....take long to think that one out? Your a real Class act
  • Remember "Show Me The Money"? I say "Show Me The Proof"!! before you condemn a man for something. Lance Armstrong has NEVER FAILED A DRUG TEST! EVER!! Where is that can you say he is guilty?? Defend yourself in court for over 15 years on the same charge over and over and see where you end up dufus! Until YOU have proof of the crime, shut your mouth! If anyone here is a loser it's all these people who seem to "Know" what no one else knows. After dozens of drug screens of every kind both announced and random, Lance Armstrong passed. Just because some jealous cyclist who had been caught himself for cheating and made a deal to turn in Lance Armstrong doesn't make such a strong case. I really don't care about cycling at all but I do care about fairness. Maybe all of you here who pronounce guilt should be held to the same standard. No matter what you have really done or not I say you all are guilty of cheating. No matter if it's true or not. How does that feel loser??

    No proof....No guilt. That's the bottom line.......
  • I'm with you Bro... these "high moral" clowns refuses to see what a bully USADA really is. They're saying they're trying to help athletes to be more aware of doping... are they stupid? Even non-athlete's know about doping!! All they're doing is ruining an American legend. Kudos to NIKE! I just bought me a livestrong biking helmet... In my book he is a 7 time tour de france winner and these clowns can never take it from him.
  • Marion Jones never failed a drug test.
  • Hey doodles please grow a brain and educate yourself...why do you think 10 of his fellow team mates turned on him. They could not live with the lies.

    Truth honor and no cheating should be the benchmark.... kinda like the steroids thing in baseball ok...when you have to cheat to win there is something fundamentally wrong with that equation..do you grasp the concept???
  • Where is your proof?? Just because a bunch of 2nd place cyclists say it doesn't make it true. Vain little creatures they are. To date Lance Armstrong hasn't failed a drug screen ever.... EVER!! Where the hell do you get off pronouncing guilt with zero tangible proof?? The word of others who have been caught cheating isn't a standard I'm willing to accept.
  • #1 - Most willing to testify against him are in return for some type of immunity for their transgressions
    #2 - If any other cyclist were put through this same level of scrutiny they would look guilty
    #3 - The charges are from 14 years ago, and they still have samples from Lance from that time frame.

    So, if he is so guilty than why do they have to rely on others to talk about it, and not the samples that were taken?

    I agree that truth and honor and no cheating should be the benchmark. Right behind 'innocent until proven guilty'.
  • If they really could not keep quiet, they had plenty of time to come forward before now. They are only protecting themselves. Have they offered any real proof (Such as how he supposedly passed all those tests with flying colors?) Now USADA wants him to PROVE his INNOCENCE. How wrong is that? He has wasted enough time and money on this. I would tell them where to go as well. I am sure Lance has much more important things to deal with.
  • What ever happened to Innocent till proven guilty, It's a sad day for this country when one is drug through the mud like this. Never once has Lance been caught with performance enhansing drugs in his system. Just alogations from competitors.
  • Kudos- It is not the tropies in this life that define the individual but integrity and ones' own knowledge.
    I am amazed at the lack of knowledge about cancer and the abundance of ignorance that is spouted. As a mother of a stage IV cancer survivor I have first hand knowledge and understanding( those two are essential together) of the gruesome battle and the persiverance and faith that a cancer victim faces. That being said when was the last time anyone voluntarily submitted to poison in order to survive. Lance will continue to be a benchmark for riders with or without a title but more importantly a roll model and a hope in the face of cancer. Mother Ann
  • Nike gets my vote. The USADA has been on a crusade to destroy Armstrong's achievement for too long. Trek Bicycle, I would hope, will follow suit and not abandon their support in recognization of his accomplishments outside of the sport.
  • there you bubba...If you recall they also stood by loose dick Tiger when he was nailing all kind of ***** while married and what had two kids...Bubby Grampa please grow a brain and buy some common sense...
  • I've always been a New Balance guy... I'm switching to NIKE...
    Lance has done too much good to deserve this treatment by the clowns at USADA.

  • go NIKE!
  • Lance...

    you cheated. you get nothing. looser
  • Nice name. Maybe you should take yourself up on it.
  • Hey factsb4judgeing...His defense counsel was actually presented with the evidence three and a half weeks ago and explained to Lance he did not want to go up against what they had on him as it was very lock tite....they had him and could prove beyond any doubt he cheated. He and his legal team realized that to protect the financial kitty he has and not to open himself up to criminal prosecution as well as civil liabililty the best thing he could do was to let the victories go and keep the money. At his age it is all about protecting the financial nest egg...
  • Then if they are going to strip his titles then they should expose the proof to everyone. If Lance IS guilty then no harm. Otherwise it's all crap.
  • haha! nice one bro. with a name like that, I can imagine the whole family.--HAHA
  • Do unto yourself, pissant!!!
  • With a name like that...you have an opinion? or is that a self description?
  • Good For Nike! Why, after so many clean drug tests over the years should he be Lance Armstrong be considered guilty because he refuses to continue to fight. Seventeen years of declaring his innocence, only to be continually told he has to be doping is enough. What a great message the USADA is sending to our young people. "If you perform well, you must be doing something illegal!" I will always consider Lance Armstrong to be someone to look up to!!
  • 17 years. It does not take 17 years to prove he was doping. It takes 17 years to wear someone out. Mr. Armstrong stands for what he believes in and has overcome the odds to be successful. Where is the justice in having to continually face this type of assault. I would stand beside him in support too.
  • STOP THE MADNESS!!! I believe this is just a witch hunt. No one else has even come close to these wins. Let Lance Armstrong alone. To go thru all of this and take his titles away is a WRONG! The only ones making money thru this is the lawyers, just LAY OFF!!!
  • Lance has had to overcome many battles. He earned his titles by working for them. He has respect for what he has done. In your heart, Lance, you know you did. I'm sorry for this. Leave Lance alone...Go Nike!
  • no actually too many teamates actually witnessed him dopeing in the van
  • In America you are allowed to face your accusers. These 2nd place losers who have been caught by bad drug screens are the accusers and that's a pretty thin standard. I say they are lying to help themselves. Afterall they are already proven to be cheaters so why not liars as well?? Teamates they are not.
  • Wouldn't it be ironic if nobody came to the next Tour de France?
  • This is a witch hunt by a man who wants to destroy innocent people. The government needs to shut this group down, now. Leave Armstrong alone.
  • You cannot shut a group down for doing their job...that is why we have a no doping committee...please educate yourself. I am sure God gave you a brain...please use it...it is not that hard.

    Due your due diligence and learn the facts.
  • And the facts are Lance Armstrong has NEVER FAILED a drug screen. EVER!! The fact is he is being accused of doping by the same group of cyclists who HAVE been caught previously. What a standard.
  • Good for you Nike!..Class act...As for Lance, "More Power to Ya". Our government has nothing better to do then to waste millions of tax payer dollars and 17 years on a witch hunt. The man beat the odds by beating cancer and winning seven tour de france tournaments. Next they will go after Michael Phelps!...Trek, I hope you follow suite and go the Nike way!
  • againstbarry..Larry Lance Armstrong shoud tell the French to shove it. France is a JOKE anyway. WE have pulled them out so many times, like others and they still don't get it. Lance is too good for them anyway. I'll take it further. WE should pull out of the United Nation. WE pay to much, do too much and they give nothing. It is a world class FLUKE organization. Just like Barry Soetoro Hussein, the FRAUD and LIAR you have as president. He is the biggest joke WE have ever had for anythin. Concerned AMERICA and hispanic AGAINST obama. Larry VELASCO
  • USADA has nothing to do with France. And who the h... is barry soetoro hussein? Maroon!
  • Nike...Nike...Nike is all about the money and bottom line. Why do you think they have their products sewn together into shoes and garments where they do....China and VN.

    Average work day 14.5 hours at $2.37 per hour (before deductions) run the math professor...
  • Ever been to Vietnam dufus?? The cost of living there is low enough to provide a good standard of living on $2.37 usd per hour. I agree China may be another story in some parts of the country but in rural reas this wage is decent compares to what else is available.
  • I agree with everyone above.. Why can't the sportswriters along with the general public see that the whole time he was winning he was the most tested cyclist ever.Those in the USADA would never have a hidden agenda right ??? They've tried to destroy Lance from day one and if I were him( Lance) I would let them say what they want because even though they have no proof they still say he cheated the whole time.Lance continue your Charitable work because you know very soon all of this will blow up in their faces.
  • i will stand with NIKE. Lance Armstrong is the greatest cyclist ever. This witch hunt makes no sense and the people behind it have an agenda that makes no sense, lacks integrity, and spews jealousy and envy. Some fishy going on . . .
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  • USADA has lost all credibility with this obvious harassment. It's incredibly like the Spanish Inquisition, where you're guilty if you admit guilt, and guilty if you deny guilt. No actual evidence is necessary. Despicable.
  • Kudos to Nike. At least they have enough integrity not to throw the guy under the bus on the basis of innuendo and a personal bias.
  • at first i thought hell no ,this guy blew it and should be held accountable but then i realized ,i was given a second chance and today iam much better off for being given a 2nd chance.so as far as armstrong he deserves one too.i agree with the guy who said armstong has done alot for those who are still battling cancer and he has raised money to help stop cancer.so i aplaud those sponsors who are looking past the chemical makeup and look at the man for a change,i aplaud you sponsors and lance your held accountable now more so then before,dont blow it.this time around lance do things much better my friend and i sure hope and pray you are a spiritual man .your in my prayers Godbless.
  • Wow! Not to many companies now a day's, stand by those in which they have sponsored. Sponsorship is a two way street and when one of the two parts fails to contribute in a positive manner or is accuses of doing something frivolous. The other part generally pulls away from the sponsorship. Nike didn't do this! Knowing and believing that Lance is an honest individual, and one that has faught truly hard in every aspect of his life to stand for integerity and support of other's through his charities and fundraisers in efflorts to benefit those that are less fortunate is very impressive in my mind. I take my hat off to both you Lance and Nike!
  • I have bought my last pair of Nikes. Bad enough that they exploit workers, support a dog fighting quarter back and now, this insult. My dollars will go elsewhere.
  • See ya! Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!!
  • I, on the other hand, will make sure my next pair of shoes is NIKE. And I will buy them for all of my family!!!! You are right, this is an insult to a man who does not deserve it. After cancer, just getting on a bicycle deserves a medal. America is going to the dogs!!!!!!
  • I'm with you Lance Armstrong. You have my back and total support. You can only do so much to prove to them their idiocracy theories. So many people love you Lance, for doing what you do best in life ! Remember that, it's what you do in this world and give back that you earn before we all leave this Earth.
  • USADA who are you? What are you trying to prove? That you can hound someone until they say "Uncle"? Nike and Lance Armstrong, I salute you.

    I don't know and I don't care if Lance used PEDs. I'm fairly certain that, even if he did, he was competing against a level field of PED users. And, guess what? He won.

    So, USADA, what is it exactly that you hope to win with this crusade? The "purity" of sport?

    As soon as we accepted professional athletes competing in the Olympics, we tacitly rejected the purity of sports argument. Arguably, the greatest Olympian, Jesse Owens, has been denied his place on the world stage by just such convoluted reasoning.
  • Best post on here so far. Take a look at two who got caught. Floyd Landis... swore up and down he was innocent. Spent hundreds of thousands of donated dollars to try to prove his innocence. Good honest religious upbringing... lol. Guilty as hell. Tyler Hamilton. Ran into a relative of his in Mass a few years ago. The relative said that an investigation was still underway to find out why he was set up. Later admits guilt. Once again.. lol. Now think about just one of the implications of stripping Armstrong of his TDF victories. Jan Ullrich, who finished second to Lance three times... who has been busted for blood doping so many times I've lost count, would be declared the winner of those three races??!!!???!!!?? Now THAT'S something to laugh about. This whole thing is just b friken s. It accomplishes nothing except to bring down a guy who was smart enough not to get caught, and brought in millions to the fight against cancer. Do you people not understand? It's about winning. It's about money. If you want to change that, then do a better job of testing NOW! Don't try to roll back the hands of time!

    Great job USADA and Mr. Tygart. a hole.
  • So let's get this straight. Nike kept endorsing Mr. Tiger "Playboy" Woods and is standing behind Lance "Doper" Armstrong. Seriously? Phil Knight needs to take his boys club to some other country. Terrible examples for our youth...
  • I have not really heard of any physical evidence that makes Lance guilty. Just allegations from people that are of questionable trustworthiness to begin with. You factor in what this man achieved in his sport and I could see a lot of jealousy and anger against him.....especially if he passed all his tests with flying colors....oh wait a second. I think he's passed every doping test he took. If he cheated, still not convinced he did, then he rocked at that too. Really?
    They keep Olympic athlete samples for future tests as they come available. It's got a statute of limitations so it's not open ended but at some point you have got to PUT UP OR SHUTUP. Show us the PROOF!!
  • Crucify the man without hard evidence in the press and not in a court of law despite his phenomenal achievements or because of them?? I need new shoes and they will definitely be Nike. I vote with my dollars.
  • Glad Nike shows some sense, the USADA hasn't
  • Congratulations to Nike! You just made a loyal customer!!!
  • Just because Lance is like the best cyclist EVER! They have to accuse the guy of ped's Thats bucksnort! Just a way for lawyers to be able to buy 2 more houses 3 more cars and a hooker on the side!!! Leave the guy alone!!!!!
  • There is NO evidence for 1 and 2--just because he's like the best cyclist ever, you need to grill the guy?? Leave Lance alone--He's a Champ, so get used to it!!!!
  • Its about time he gets some support from a large entity!

    The USADA is like our government, so wasteful of OUR tax dollars.

    They just can't fugure it out. The French more than anyone else on this planet wanted to prove that Lance must be doing something against the rules...they surely wanted to find something against an American winning their event, especially seven times.

    They never found anything that could be published.

    But the errogant USADA think they can find something, based on heresay. Screw the USADA!

    Back in the day racing with a bottle of Coco Cola or Morning Thunder tea for the caffine as stimulant on the velodrome was a norm. Watch out these substances might be classified as performance enhancing, too. And testing will start!

    When is the USADA going to start going after other athletes who clearly gained from substance use/

    Look at body builders? I am sure that they used roids to get where they got. Are they gonna go after some of those high profile folks.

    If the USADA had any consistancey, they would. But lets see how far they want to waste tax dollars? But like any other wastefull government agency, its use it or loose it to ensure they get more the next year!
  • Congrats to Nike! And Congrats to Lance. Lance has won many races, beaten cancer and lives to tell the tale. So what does the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency kick a person who has succeeded. I don't blame lance for not wanting to fight the government idots anymore. They are a greedy bunch and they are not worth the brain damage. Lance knows he did nothing wrongs as do many of his fans, followers and the perople he has inspired with his determination to never give up hope. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency should be ashamed of themselves and should leave Lance alone!
  • Lance beat cancer, beat the best cyclists on the world for seven times, and many, many other fights. But this time, he lost against something worst than all that together. the USADA. Thanks Lance.
  • Nike will dump him soon enough....
  • F*** the titles, Lance beat cancer. He deserves recognition just for that. The average person that beat cancer should get recognition when we consider what that means. Nike's backing is based on this fact. As for doping or not doping, this has been an issue that in a lot of cases can't be proved. The athletes know this and get better at testing clean each year. If the US Anti-Doping Agency(or any other testing agency for that matter) didn't get them at the time they actually performed, and the person tested clean, tough for the agency. Don't cry over spilled milk now. This really doesn't make the agency look good no matter how many times they state "our decision made a statement about this doping problem". Yeah, right. See you at the next competition.
  • This is nothing more than LEGAL TERRORISM. Lawyers have become worse than Al-Qaida, when it comes to terrorizing folks. Al-Qaida can only kill the body where as lawyers kill the spirit and hope of people for nothing more than name recognition and the almighty dollar. This world has become a sad place because of some lawyers!
  • Lance the lying piece of **** had to back down. His legal counsel realizing 10 of his former team members were willing to take the stand against him...well his lawyers educated him that if he fell he would open him self up to criminal prosecution as well as liablilty on his endorsements. All about the money. When you have to lie steal and cheat to win the victories are hollow. At least he has decent legal councel. When exposed in court he would have to give back millions. He really does not care about the wins or medal...just want to keep the money at this stage in his life...

    really very pathetic...
  • The USADA is a disgrace! I am a Lance Armstrong fan and admit to some prejudice in his favor, but who is more obviously guilty here? The athlete being targeted by his competition or the organizations that have tested him relentlessly for his entire adult life without finding any positive results? And what does that say about all their other findings of guilt and innocence in other cases?
  • My family loved watching the Tour de France. We solid supporters of Lance and every member of each one of his teams.
    I personally wear a live strong band everyday and it has given me strength when I have had none. Just the sight of it and the thought of Lance Armstrong and his journey has turned many a bad day brighter. I am sad that the USADA has decided to prosecute Lance in the press and the the press is allowing it to happen. We are Americans it this illegal process can happen to a hero like Lance Armstrong it can happen to anyoone of the rest of us. We are all sitting targets for gestapo like behavior. I say "show us the evidence, bring forth the witnesses and let Lance address his accusers", this is a travisty of justice. I support Lance Armstrong, and will buy
    Nike stuff from now on, I hope Trek can see beyond this terrible smoke screen and support Lance still.
  • L. A. will always be a Champion in my books. Real Champion's take the good with the bad. He won those events fair and square. It does not matter to me if he loses those trinkets. That's all they are. Those people are wrong at their decision at this point in time. Sounds like more to it that just taking those title's away. Some day the truth will come out. Until then, I wish Mr. Armstrong all the best. A Champ for Sure!
  • They say cheaters never win, but Lance proved that was wrong 7 times lol... Lets be honest, you really think Nike is staying with Lance because they think he's innocent, get real people. How do you think Nike would look cutting ties w/ Livestrong which raises money for cancer research... all Nike is doing is trying to make themselves look good to the public... i.e. look at all these post about how we are supporting nike and going to buy more nike stuff.. hmmm seems like its working. See how fast Nike cuts all ties when its OFFICAL that Lance was cheating.
  • He does the Livestrong stuff? I like those articles. They are helpful. Those articles don't have anything to do with this crap. I don't want to see livestrong disappear. I have benefited from those articles. He knows stuff and people can learn from him. Whatever he did ... he did. It's over now. Whole thing is messed up.
  • Never failed or refused a drug test.......ever! Lance you are the standard all cyclists should try to equal. Thank you Nike for standing behind a champion.
  • Thank you, Nike, for standing behind Lance in this truly unjust matter. Nike has always been my shoe and will continue to be. Nike never disappoints.
  • I truely admire Nike for standing behind Lance. I am so ashamed of the people who have deliberately gone out to destroy a person who never failed a drug test, EVER.
  • I think people are just jealous that this man is a good human being.Honest,and hard working and a fighter.God gave him the strenght to beat cancer,and to be heard.I think he could win this case.He is a winner not a loser like everyone trying to make him out to be.Hang in there and fight for yourself you have done a good job so far.God Bless.
  • I think hes guilty. That said, its nothing all the other guys are doing too. Doping is why I dont watch sports of any kind, except the little leagues my kids are involved in. I didnt even watch the Olympics, they are all doping too. I was very athletic all through my youth and early adulthood, played a number of sports for years. I know what is natural and unnatural ability. You dont keep "developing" past your teen years unless you are doping.
  • Lance will always be the best cyclist we have had .He never failed a test and the USADA has no business in the TOUR!! I will support Nike products for ever graet call on their part and Trek should do the same , he helped make them what they are today . Love the T shirt idea ,I am in .
  • It is a well known fact that all athletes from all countries cheat. The best cheaters are the ones with the most money (richest sponsers from rich countries) because they can afford to use new designer drugs and techniques that do not show up on the tests.

    This is how the United states, the former Soviet Union, Germany, and now China always win so many gold medals.

    Hell, in the last olympics a chinese female athlete broke all the records in swimming (not only for women, but for the men too!!!! which is thought to be impossible). Gee, I wonder if they were cheating? Ya' think! Hell yes! However, they passed all the doping tests. Whatever the Chinese are doing, it is so new it is not showing on the test.

    A Chinese coach admitted as much on an interview, and he was not ashamed because he says EVERYONE IS DOING IT!!

    The only ones who are not doing it are the athletes too poor to cheat.


    Come on, you think a recovering cancer patient could really win 7 tour de France in a row without any help? He's strong but not that strong.

    So, this whole persecution of Armstrong is personal, they are targeting him. Why? I don't know, but it is deliberate and it is personal.

    The gold goes to the best cheaters, everyone knows this. It is true in sports, it is true in banking, in politics, and on Wall street.
  • In the future do a bit of research before you post. A Chinese women in London Olympics broke 2 world records in swimming. Her last 50 in the freestyle stroke was almost as fast as the Men. Her time was a few seconds slower then the men. Stop posting lies.
  • I agree 100%! It's the same thing I've been trying to prove for years! I KNOW that Jimmy Carter walked out of Walmart in broad daylight with out paying for it! He has done this many many times! I didn't SEE it, and they SAY they haven't caught him on any surveylance cameras ...., but if I am persistant in my efforts, Im sure that SOMEONE from the L. A. riots area will remembere seeing the same thing! AN
  • A cheat is a cheat. Nike has no business supporting him. As far as all the good he did, well Joe Paterno did a lot of good too.
  • He said she said, that is what this boils down to. The blood test were submitted at every race with no positive PED being detected each and every time, PERIOD! The only evidence that the USADA is going on are the words of cheaters. There is no physical evidence in hand. You can't convict someone of a crime that was committed years ago unless you have tangible evidence and just because someone says it, doesn't make it so. Where is the smoking gun? If a persons word is all it takes to convict someone, I say all the members of the USADA are part of Al-Qai'da! Smeg Off!
  • 1. Sometimes a person has to just stop fighting even though they may be right. Fighting against a machine can be physically and mentally draining to not only the person fighting, but also the loved ones.
    2. In 20 years or less "they" are going to decide that all of these energy bars and drinks that are advertised by our Olympic contenders and others are also "performance enhancers". Will they then go back and take the titles away from those winners?
  • I know everyone likes Lance. Believe me, I used to also. But the fact remains that the sport by and large is inundated with controlled substances for recovery and what used to be an edge; one you wouldn't have without using. Serious cyclists have debated either make using legal with doctor's oversight or keep the bans as is. It is also factual that chemotherapy kills fast growing cells and that neupogen and epogen is prescribed for red and white blood cell production. It is also factual that HIPPA laws would allow Lance to continue to use these substances although I'm not sure about international law. It is also factual tht many known honorable men such as Tyler Hamilton and George Hincape would not lie about witnessing Lance's drug use or the sport's competitive pressure imposed on them to use. It is pretty obvious that Lance is pompous and that he stepped on many people on his way to the top, all this while supposedly championing cancer recovery. He is the biggest hypocrit in sports and it is appalling.
  • Are we also to totally disregard all of the medical advances with drug therapies, don't they in fact help enhance life?
  • Outside of a bunch of second rate and second place bikers...Where is the proof? No blood proof? So where is it? He has always tested free of "dope's". So I cannot and will not beleive this crappolla being purged on him.

    When the blood work shows otherwise, then I will rethink. Otherwise we are looking at a mean and greeedy bunch of losers that never could meet the requirements to be winners but leached on Armstrong and didn't meet the financial needs that they thought they had.
  • Thanks Nike for sticking with a true American hero. In America, the last time I checked, you have to be proven guilty before you are judged. There seems to be a lot of people out there ready to cut Lance's head off because of accusations that haven't been proven yet. I guess because Armstrong isn't going along with these idiot's accusations the USADA is claiming this is an admission of guilt. Really? I would have done the same thing and I suspect a lot of you out there would also. The hell with them. Anyone with any sense will still recognize Armstrong's accomplishments regardless of what a bunch of pencil toting bookworms say. Prove it or shut up! Roger Clemen's went through a lot of BS recently and everyone knows how that turned out. He was judged innocent in a trial by jury. Armstrong would also be judged innocent if he went the same route as Clemen's because they have no proof. The people that set on couches their whole life, eating chips and drinking coke, have no idea what these athletes have to do to compete in the various sports they compete in. They should set down and shut up. PERIOD!!!
  • Mr. Armstrong is right. You fight so long, saying the same things, but you're not believed. You get tired. He is not saying the lawyers are right (and it is the lawyers who kept this going so long.) He is Lance Armstrong. He has proven himself as a biker. Seven! He won seven times. If the committee bans him from future participation, sobeit (Armstrong retired already), but give him his wins: All seven of them. When is it all going to stop? I thought this had moved on.
  • no they don't have proof. they have hear say evidence. that is someone said they saw him doing performance drugs. how do they know what Mr Armstrong was taking. it might have been some sort of chemo for his battle with cancer. basically the cycling world was just jealous of him for his tour de france victories.
  • It's unfair for a person to have him/her allowed to participate and then accused him/her of not complying with the game rules. Winners or losers should in the 1st place not allowed to compete, or should have been disqualified after any contest and not wait several years to investigate. These people in the USADA are incompetent and should be fired. What they are doing just showing their incompetent and supidity in the highest degree.
  • There are rights and wrongs to this story. As much as I love Lance I realize he cheated on tour. He used EPO, transfusions and other things that were ahead of the testing of the times with the doctor crew he hung out with for years. He was able to systematically stay ahead of the game and properly prepare as well as mask his testing processes. Does he deserve to have 7 titles stripped from him? Absolutely not. I don't like the way USADA and Tygart in particular felt they needed to strip Lance at all costs and follow him 14 years after he began winning titles. Especially after he went through the stress and eventual dropping of charges from the federal investigation. The only things not fully explained which I anticipate will come out as evidence is how he beat the tests for so long. I realize they know when each test will be and they can prepare for it as well as using masking agents but still beating every test for so long leads me to wonder how pathetic there testing really was. As low life as the witnesses are in my opinion most of them probably did see Lance using EPO or doing a blood transfusion. Some of this shows up on up to date tests they use on his older blood samples now where as before the testing was obviously weak and substandard. Hes still a hero in my eyes and guilty or not deserves better then the disrespect and kick to the curb that USADA has shown him.
  • The USADA says that it's only interest is to protect clean athletes from cheaters, but in fact what the USADA is doing is giving anonymity to and thereby protecting ten self confessed doping cheaters so that they, (cheaters)can retain their ill gotten credibility and respect in the cycling community and world at large, to obtain their "testimonies" under duress and to harass an innocent man beyond any logical sensable point.
    Further more where does the USADA get off going after European citizens like Ferrari and Bruneel? What jurisdition does the USADA have over these people and events that took place in another country? Events that were overseen by the UCI and WADA.
    What the USADA is saying in effect is that those agencies are incompetent and inspite of the cycling regulating agencies approving of Lance's innocence through clean testing the USADA knows better and without ANY creditable evidence would preffer to dicredit one of this nation's greatest heros. We the USA must be the laughing stock of Europe especially France because we have these USADA fools who think it wise to cut off their noses to spite their faces. The only thing right about all of this is that the parents of Travis T. got his name right (travesty). Does the USADA even have the jurisdiction to strip Lance of his titles or is it just trampling over the laws of our nation in that respect too and doing as it pleases?
  • See more comments >>

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