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Via Rumors and Rants:

On Thursday, Manny Pacquiao landed a flush shot to the gut of the notion that he is avoiding a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. In two interviews with ESPN Pacquiao claimed that he would take a smaller cut of the profits from any fight with Mayweather to make it happen. For those who don’t know what that means, it’s a really big deal.

Pacquiao claims he would give Mayweather a 55-45 advantage on a financial split between the two just to make a fight happen. Mayweather has consistently refused to give the Filipino fighter an even split of the profits, despite the fact that a 50-50 deal is customary when two popular champions fight.

Over the past few years, Mayweather has additionally claimed that Pacquiao hasn’t agreed to Olympic-style drug testing, which, as we should all know by now is completely false. Pacquiao has agreed to full random testing for well over a year now, so Mayweather is lying about Pac-man not wanting to take tests.

Pacquiao has agreed not only to tests, but to take less money, and now the onus is squarely on Mayweather to make a fight happen. Both of the impediments that have supposedly kept “Money May” from taking what would be the biggest fight in boxing history have now been removed. At this point it’s up to Mayweather to make a fight happen.

Now we’ll hear the real truth. If Mayweather balks at taking a fight with Pacquiao now, we know he has been ducking the Filipino champion and has no intention to fight him.

As a boxing fan I appreciate that Pacquiao is willing to take a smaller cut of the fight – something he shouldn’t have to do at this point in his career – just to make the fight everyone wants to see happen.

Now it’s on Mayweather to make it happen.

Pacquiao is currently preparing to face Juan Manuel Marquez for the fourth time on Dec. 8.


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  • Floyd has allways been a ***** when it came to fighting the best
  • Me so hornay me love you long time!
  • Bob,
    You said it the best possible way. Mayweather is indeed a "pukpok-pukok!..."
  • Oh, sure Mayweather got balls, except, it's busted BALLS!
  • Im not making excuses or Mayweather but "Why get the **** beat outta you" if you dont have to? I think its a very smart move on his part
  • Is Mayweather ,"circumcise", u-know, majority of Flips are*
  • This is why I dont watch boxing anymore!! Its all about MMA, were all the fighters WANT TO FIGHT the next best guy unlike Pussyweather!
  • As much as I dislike Mayweather I would make him a strong favorite to win by decision. I'm not even sure if Pac can get past Marquez again, as this time I think the judges will give Marquez the benefit of the doubt in most of the close rounds.
  • What joke, mayweather is a piece of sh&* should be Pacquiao making the demands...mayweather is a loser, always has been and always will be...the fight unfortunately will probably never happen because as mentioned in the previous comment, fruit boy floyd is to chicken sh*%...
  • I'd pay 60 bucks to see that look knocked off Mayweathers face. Or even to see him nervous.
  • LOL! this is exactly why Mayweather should get the bigger cut. He's the bigger draw and folks like u don't even realize it. You aren't willing to pay to see Pacman win, You are willing to pay to see ANYONE that has a good chance beat Mayweather.
  • I agree Mayweather will come up with a new excuse not to fight Manny. Unless Mayweather retires for good right now, he will eventually loose his "0". But to loose to a Filipino will be adding insult to injury; Mayweather is probably prejudice.
  • I doubt that ... hes just not as stupid as people think he is..we were taught as children to "run or hide" from danger..well there it is he listened (lol)
  • Floyd's a "biatch" and everyone knows the truth... hopefully the world will see once & for all this ghetto pcs of crap on the ring floor!!!!
  • now that was a low blow, better yet you must be a bitch yoursself
  • Is anyone seeing a pattern here? I am a big fan of boxing, and have kept pictures of great legends in boxing. l do not know Mayweather,personally, but he has established himself as an icon in the ring.No matter what label you want to tag on him,he is for me one of the greatest in his weight. He was sent to jail,just like Ali and Tyson to mention a few black boxers.Now you want him to face Pacquiao when the prison poison has not gotten out of his system. Mayweather my advice is don't honor the fight. Thanks.
  • All you Mayweather HATERS sure Pacquiao wants to fight now Floyd has not been in the ring in a minute and still may be rusty, where was the offer of him taken less money before Mayweather went to jail. Second of all besides the money and beating the crap out of your pacman you forget one thing pacquiao is not the champion anymore. my thought and opinion would be to fight for the belt that your man lost that's the fight i want to see.
  • give the 55-45 cut to the winner...that should be only fair!!
  • Mayflower (I know it's Mayweather) is a punk any way. My man Manny will beat the h--- out of him!!
  • ha ha ha... mayweather scared? of who or whaqt? its been about money and drugs, no excuses. pple are quick to judge but what will mayweather get? a boxer that was cheated out of his belt, and fight for the so cvalled fans now. bologna. tired of seeing people who wouldnt bust a grape talk ****. put yaws big boys pants on and learn how to talk ish in sum1s face, not a blog.
  • oh yeah mayweather a loser... wit no losses right. And has taken out all of the so called great mexican fighters. the reason people want this fight is because no doubt they are the only 1s keeping this sport alive outside of mexico
  • You cowards can kiss Mayweather ass. Pacquiao should have took the fight when he still had the title, before Mayweather went to jail. Now he want to fight after Bradley took his title, f@@K that he brings nothing to the table.
  • I would fight them both for nothing.. And win. Of course i outweight them both put together. haha
  • Great article. The onus is totally on Mayweather now, but don't hold your breath. He'll say he needs a year or two to get into shape after his brief stay in prison. One problem with the article, "biggest fight in boxing history." Really? Ali-Frazier 1-3, Ali-Foreman, Hagler-Leonard,Duran/Leonard to name a few.
  • Whats the problem??Why is it everytime I write a comment its disappears ??? Do you have to be special to be posted????
  • I think the same thing happened to me!
  • Floyd Mayweather is the money Man, plus he's a pretty good boxer... I would love to see Mayweather and pacquiao slug it out... I would place my money on Mayweather... But, both of them must hurry because neither one of them are getting any younger... Do you Guys think that the total fight purse will reach $100 million dollars ??? I think so...
  • I am going to re-post this again hopefully it doesnt disappear..Floyd isnt stupid why should he get the **** beat outta him and get less money for it???
  • All you Hating cowards can kiss Mayweather Ass! Pacquiao should have took the fight when he still had the title, before Mayweather went to jail. Now he want to fight after Bradley took his title, f@@K that he brings nothing to the table. Mayweather the " Undisputed Champion ", and i want to see him fight Bradley for the title. Pacquiao blew his chance, deal with it!
  • Mayweather is CHICKEN CHICHEN you here me CHICKEN
  • Mayweather is making all sorts of B.S. excuses to avoid getting beaten up by Manny. He is scared !!
  • The chit chat is a total waste of time!
    I think that he was possibly beaten by bradley!
    With that being stated, Floyd mayweather will whipe the ring with manny! Manny wants a fight because the mistique of the pac man has now been removed. He has been exposed! weather hbo boxing wants to admit it or not! Sure he will take less money now! He understands that his time is limited and he is no longer a media darling! He is very smart I must give him that! he might as well get beat by the best before another fighter or bradley possibly beats him again!
  • Mike Tyson is the greatest fighter. He wins he takes it, he loses he takes it too. he is not scared of losing, that's why he is the greatest !! Mayweather is a chicken !!
  • i like them both but mayweather is a title collector which manny has none now, its like fighting a woman. your damned cuz if you win well u beat him when he wasnt at the top of his game. If u lose then u got beaten by sum1 who wasnt on top of their game. manny needs mayweather. mayweather wants titles.
  • manny possibly got beaten by bradley
    the mistique of the pacman is now exsposed
    weather hbo wants to admit it or not
    sure he wants to fight now?
    sure he will fight for less!
    hes smart!
    might as well get beat by the best before being beaten up again by bradley or eaten by one of the ghosts!
  • its a two way street, the fight hasnt happened and people blame 1 person. i hope it never happens. jus to piss off boxing fans, mma a better sport wit broke athletes. they should pay more to their stars but they keep all the money.
  • cant post here!
  • With all due respect, I do want to see this fight happen. But the truth of the matter is that Gaywether has the upperhand here just for the simple fact that Manny lost against Bradley, even if he did get ripped off. It's still a "L" in the record books and I'm sure Floyd will use that excuse to avoid or prolong this fight from happening.
  • Pacquiao off the dope, will get a ass beating ! he's talking like he's the champ. he just trying to shadow his last fight didn't look good off the dope ! if he fights Marquez off the dope he will lose !
  • now he knows how Marquez felt what go's around comes around hope Marquez doesn't get rob again
  • Pacroid & his American followers should be very thankful the press hates blacks in this country. The only reason there is so much hate towards Floyd for fighting on his terms & not some clown being told what to do by a pimp is all based on his color. If Floyd was a white fighter these so called boxing fans, experts, etc would be all over pacroid for not taking that 40 million. But since a brother is calling the shots they just can't stand seeing that happen. So for all the American pactard across the country , why don't you all go live in your heros country & eat rat,dog, cat, & whatever they enjoy chowing down on & praise this juiced up fraud til the cows come home. See here in this country the black race don't want your ass here anyway....

Mayweather ordered to pay $114K in Pacquiao case

A federal court judge in Nevada ordered boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. to pay about $114,000 in lawyer fees and costs for avoiding questioning from rival fighter Manny Pacquiao's lawyers. Attorneys for neither man immediately responded Wednesday to messages about Monday's order. The judge ruled that Mayweather violated a court order to be questioned under oath by Pacquiao&...

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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has to pay Manny Pacquiao $114K

In a report by the Associated Press that was obtained by the Boston Herald, a federal judge has told Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to pay Manny Pacquiao a figure of about $114,000.  This is a result of the defamation lawsuit that Pacquiao filed against Mayweather in regards to the whole performance-enhancing drugs situation.  Mayweather is good at running his mouth and fueling up drama...

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Mayweather, Pacquiao settling case

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao are settling a federal defamation case in Las Vegas, clearing a key hurdle to a long-awaited bout between two top fighters who've traded verbal jabs for years but have never met in the ring. Terms of the pretrial agreement cited in documents filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas are confidential, said Malcolm LaVergne, a lawyer...

Mayweather ordered to pay $114K

A federal court judge in Nevada ordered boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. to pay about $114,000 in lawyer fees and costs for avoiding questioning from rival fighter Manny Pacquiao's lawyers. Attorneys for neither man immediately responded Wednesday to messages about Monday's order. The judge ruled that Mayweather violated a court order to be questioned under oath by Pacquiao&...

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Ordered by Judge to Pay About $114,000 in Manny Pacquiao Case

Floyd Mayweather Jr. should have known that labeling Manny Pacquiao a cheater was going to cost him eventually. The damages just aren't occurring in the ring. A federal judge has ordered Mayweather to pay about $114,000 for avoiding questioning from Pacquiao's lawyers in a defamation case, according to The Associated Press. Pacquiao's attorneys reportedly won more than...

Manny Pacquiao Says Floyd Mayweather Jr. Can Have Top Billing, 'Wear My Trunks' to Make Fight Happen (Video)

Manny Pacquiao really wants to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., and he's willing to make some sacrifices in order to facilitate the much desired superfight. "Win or lose, I'll take 45 percent," Pacquiao told his publicist Friday, according to the Los Angeles Times. "Floyd can have top billing, he can be introduced in the ring first or last. "He can wear my...

Boxers play Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

Its seems a little early to promote their upcoming fourth fight on December 8th but Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez battled each other in Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots on ESPN’s SportsCenter today. Jay Crawford played the referee role and got a little too excited when their initial battle ended in a tie. Marquez won the rematch, which is the only win he has against Pacquiao...

Manny Pacquiao plays "Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots" against Juan Manuel Marquez

Just when you thought that the folks over at ESPN Sportscenter had run out of ways to fill time, they decided to have boxer Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez do battle in "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots" earlier today. Check out the entire fight in the video courtesy of Business Insider:

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Unlike the mediocre Amir Khan, Manny Pacquiao will remain with Freddie Roach for Juan Manuel Marquez

Unlike the mediocre Amir “King” Khan, Manny Pacquiao will continue working with Freddie Roach as he prepares for a fourth bout against WBO light welterweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez on December 8 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. … Continue reading →
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